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The Company's Business Activities

The Company’s business activities consist of two parts, namely Main Business Activities and Supporting Business Activities.

  1. Main Business Activities
  2. Services on maintenance, upkeep, operation and utilization of maritime facilities and infrastructure such as concession of berth and/or terminal, container yard, services on upkeep, maintenance and repair, operation of machinery and technical, mechanical, electronic
    equipments/aids, special scales, computer software and hardware related to facilities and infrastructure of maritime logistics and stevedoring services
  3. Supporting Business Activities
  4. Supporting Business Activities comprise of:
    • Facilities and infrastructures development for maritime logistics
    • Trading of various goods related to maritime logistics facilities and infrastructure
    • Freight forwarding and warehousing, marine and water transportation for the transport of goods
    • Workshop, installation and sales, supply or rental of heavy equipment/light appliance and spare parts, maintenance upkeep, maintenance and repair related to maritime logistics facilities and infrastructures
    • Management, business and administration consulting associated with maritime logistics facilities and infrastructures
    • Supply and/or services related to terminal and other maritime logistic facility management, dredging service of port, quay basin, channel, strait and/or shipping passage and other related supporting service, or supply and/or management of other
      maritime logistic infrastructure and facility.
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