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Vision and Mission

The vision and mission of the Company serve as the main foundation for the attainment of the Company’s objectives to continue to grow and deliver value to its shareholders.


  • To be a leading global company in port management as well as building long-term shareholder value
  • To promote efficient, integrated transportation and distribution systems as a competitive advantage for clients engaged in trading
  • To build reputation by upholding the principles of efficiency, reliability, professionalism and profitability
  • To focus on goals and committing to achieve stable profitability
  • Service excellence
  • Upholding the principle of equality in shareholder returns
  • Providing excellent growth opportunities to employees
  • Building a successful business and mutually beneficial relationships with corporate partners
Therefore, the Company on an ongoing basis continues to socialize values of competitive edge to all employees such that it can be internalized in the performance and productivity of the Company.
  1. International Experience
    Proven track record of success in the development and management of ports in various ports in the world.
  2. Advanced Information Technology Systems
    Thorough and comprehensive understanding of the application of information technology systems, thus enabling the establishment of high standards of efficiency in the port management
  3. Responsive to Opportunities
    Sound ability to identify and develop profitable investment opportunities
  4. Focus on Market Development
    Priority on developing market that has the greatest potential, namely port container market
  5. Worker Expertise
    On-hand international experience in labor management at many ports in the world.

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